And she doesn’t have any idea what that hug brought.

Sunday’s thing was routinnary for me. stretching my knees up to the mezzanine. sit there, help if I could to the control room. Listen to the sermon. turn off the electric fan and go down stairs for the bible fellowship. But what happened today made a huge difference.

Never in my whole church life did I receive a sincere, true, lovingly greeting. The tradional “goodmorning”  and “mahal kita sa Panginoon” are the expression I get used to.But to today I was blessed with this Nanay in the church, I don’t know what urge her to do it. 

I was in a haste on my way to turn off the projector, and suddenly, in my last two steps from the stairs, I was hug. I was hug with a sympathetic smile painted on her face, 

Perhaps she heard the news about my mom’s death, Maybe she was saddened, But her hug made me feel that I lost my one and only mother dear, but I gain a million in each of her age. 



Asker abmyyssennq Asks:
Hi Ms. Dorothy! why did you post your draft? LOL
reshareshare reshareshare Said:

Hello Ms. Jaenice, FYI, it’s not a draft. It’s an abstract poem :-)  hope you do know how to appreciate elites’ art. :D

I am overflowing with misinformation about life and I was lamed,

So full of “wisdom” that is not hard to obtain,

My thoughts are jumbled, puzzled and in vain,

Like fusion of ignorance and shame.

I’d liked every page that I think is Scholarly,

In search for knowledge and wisdom I left my brain with their custody,

In effect several days I am in agony,

So poor in thinking I’d become wishy washy.

I got attracted to their ideals,

It was like an ice-cream beautified in ads,

The picturesque is awesomely great,

And if  you fall in the trap, Megalomania awaits.

Thank God  I’d closed my eyes to find silence,

Tranquility open my consciousness and remind me of my deliverance,

Him I sought when I search for wisdom,

Truly I could not escape His kingdom.

His omnipotent power let me recuperate,

His unmeasurable love did not let me to be desperate,

He let my senses to  rediscover,

By allowing interference and  disaster.

And so I decided not to keep myself online,

Instead I will focus on what is worth my time,

Never again  will I be insane,

In this addictive electronic cocaine.


superfluously spending the money of the people, collected through taxation is truly a moot point, but why is that only “few” powerful individuals posed this argument  before the Ombudsman, and most of them were slain ?

Ok, yesterday, I offer some “help” to this brother and sister of mine who looks so tedious doing some preparation for the Youth Mission Network (Ymnet). It was my passion to take the opportunity to help that really drives me to join them (please believe me LOL.) Before I enthusiastically approach the two, they were cutting World Maps patterned in a puzzle,then, they were segregating it in a box in front. I ask my brother how could I help them, since I had the luxury of time to do so. With a gratitude painted on his face, my dear brother, overwhelmingly respond, ” Ah.. just cut the maps according to the pattern, and then put the first one in box a, second in box b, and the third one in box c,” he said, “please be careful because every part of the map is really important,” he added. So basically, the goal is just to cut the map into pieces. 

The map is scissored into 60 pieces and each has been kept in an envelope. After a couple of minutes, I was able to cut three maps and I proceeded in putting it in the brown envelope. Push with the eagerness to finish it  hurriedly, I grab the other three maps and started cutting it.However, carried away in the belief that I succeeded in helping others, my beloved brother, surprisingly noticed a piece of map at my back! :DD. Disgusted with what’s happening, he quickly counted how many cut papers are there in envelope 1, and he counted 58 (which is suppostedly 60.) He also counted envelope 2, just to assure if it’s proportion with envelope 1, and he got 62 pieces! ahaha BOOOOOM! Feeling so regretful why did I join, and so guilty of making things worst, I laugh, humorously asking for pardon, trying to cool things up. Le-le, my brother, brightly come up with the only remedy, and that is to solve the puzzle ourselves :p You know the feeling of setting a trap and get trapped on it? :D And the feeling of helping and end up being helped? :DD

 ”Fear comes from ignorance and ignorance comes from the unknown”

This quotation comes from the wisdom of the Buddhist religion.  Fear was said to be the greatest enemy of success and the closest rival of opportunity. Fear is the one I “fear.” This is the threat of life I always want to vanish.

Today, while I was ridding in a tricycle, I glanced and looked around the street.Suddenly,  I saw a lady, holding the right and left hand of an innocent child while it walks. The scenery is nothing new. It was a typical moment of mother and child , but it  caught my attention because the lady was blind. I fixed my eyes on them as the tricycle moved away, I wonder how could this lady continue to guide her young. Questions such as , “how was she able to teach and lead her baby walk when she herself can’t see?” comes into my mind. For a moment, I think, and realized, nothing defeats guiding through love. :)